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Like Diamond Glances reviews and radio play



Thanks very much to everyone who's written these lovely reviews of Like Diamond Glances!

Like Diamond Glances reviews from magazines and websites

"This is the debut CD from this Hertfordshire-based group, who’ve been playing together for over two years now. It features five traditional tracks, three in English and two in Welsh. Ffion Mair’s lead vocals are assured and precise, if somewhat tied to the rhythm of the English tracks – the Welsh are much more lyrical and Cariad Cyntaf is gorgeous. What makes the trio remarkable is the range of instrumentation they are able to bring to the tracks – guitar, melodeon, two cellos and whistle. They are used sparingly throughout, enhancing and accompanying rather than dominating. They’re heard at their best at the end of a rousing version of Betsy Bell & Mary Grey when they head off into a reel where whistle, melodeon, and cello toss the melody betwixt them like a winning team at Cardiff Arms Park. One of the trio is from Wakefield and they are hoping to play folk clubs in Yorkshire next year. This EP serves as a useful introduction and makes it obvious that any gigs they secure will be well worth attending." - Nigel Schofield, Tykes News 


"The Foxglove Trio are already well-rehearsed and sure both of themselves and their capabilities and of where they're taking their music" - Fatea Magazine


"Like Diamond Glances is a promising debut from three talented musicians." - Bright Young Folk

unicorn review

The above review comes from The Unicorn Magazine issue 124. 

Like Diamond Glances reviews from radio shows

"This Foxglove deserves to flower on both sides of the border" - Frank Hennessy

[The Foxglove Trio are] very good. Bill Mitton
"Very nice. [Newry town is] an excellent track and was well received [on my radio show]." Terry Ferdinand 
"Very very good. Superb EP." Keith Peverley & Pat Thornby

"I'm sure I'm going to be playing some more stuff from their EP." Daria Kulesh

"Nice traditional sound." Brian Player 

 "I'm well impressed." Gary Hazlehurst

Like Diamond Glances radio play

On 23 June we took part in our first live radio session on Daria Kulesh's folk show on Radio Dacorum. You can listen again to the mixcloud podcast from the programme. 

In September 2013 we did our second live session for the Readifolk show on Reading4u. You can listen again to the mixcloud podcast from the programme. 

We've also been played on Frank Hennessy's Celtic Heartbeat on BBC Radio Wales, Terry Ferdinand's Folk Show on Bishop FM, A6 Folk and Blues Road with Bill Mitton on ALLFM, The Wood and The Wire with Keith Peverley & Pat Thornby on AHBS Community Radio and HR, The Late Run with Bill Mitton on Wythenshawe FM, Bob's Folk Show on Radio Wey, Folk is Not a Rude Word on Uckfield FM, Dave Chamberlain's Acoustic Routes show on Dapper FM, Folk DJ with Daria Kulesh on Radio Dacorum, Roots and Fusion on Stockport's Pure FM, Tamsin Rosewell's Folk Show on Radio Warwickshire, Alan Ritson's show on Siren FM, Doug Welch's folk show on BBC Radio Kent and Gary Hazlehurst's Folk Show on Stafford FM. 

You can listen again to several shows which have featured our tracks: The Wood and The Wire show featuring Betsy Bell & Mary Grey; Folk is Not a Rude Word show featuring Newry Town; Folk DJ with Daria Kulesh show featuring The Sign of the Bonny Blue Bell; That's All Folks featuring Newry Town; Tamsin Rosewell, My Folk and and their Friends' show on Political Protest featuring Newry Town; Brian Player's Acoustic Cafe Radio Show featuring The Sign of the Bonny Blue Bell; That's All Folks featuring Newry Town; Stafford FM Folk Show featuring Newry Town; Radio Kennet folk show featuring The Sign of the Bonny Blue Bell.

Like Diamond Glances reviews from members of the public 

Very very good.
I really enjoyed it. 
Very nice! I especially like the track with the punchy melodeon intro. 
Very different from any folk band I've heard before, in a really good way!
Really enjoyed it. It's very good. 'Backing vocals' on track 3 work a treat. 

I enjoyed your CD and I'm looking forward to the next one!

I enjoyed the CD; it was lovely. The last track took me back to primary school.

Lovely CD

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